Website of the Week:

I stumbled upon this really awesome site not too long ago and wanted to share it with everyone.

This week’s Website of the Week is called theKitchn offers unique and seasonal recipes, as well as tutorials, Q & A’s, and cooking advice.

My favorite part of theKitchn is the Budget category, offering money-saving ideas that are easy to do and very help.

Shown Above: The Easiest, Simplest Way to Make Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

This site is definitely worth checking out.  Go to for more info and be sure to follow them on twitter @theKitchn.

Happy Saturday!

- J

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12 thoughts on “Website of the Week:

  1. Thanks for the like! You have a ton of interesting info and items posted here; I’ll definitely be following. I can’t wait to try these yogurt popsicles or to check out the chalkboard labels, which would be so useful, and I’ll be starting to make the fruit ice cubes tonight. You’ve hooked another reader! :)

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