Website of the Week: (aka Better Homes and Gardens)

Ah, yes, one of my favorite sites ever.  Better Homes and Gardens, originally a magazine,  took to the internet to bring us all that budget friendly greatness to help make our homes and gardens, better! covers everything from recipes, DIY, home and health, entertaining, menu planning, decorating, and so much more.

This website stands out because it’s all about affordable ideas whether it’s for the home, an office, a garden, or ideas for your family in general.

BHG’s $5 DIY Artwork is what really caught my eye.  They have a whole section on art DIY for under $5, that are easy on the wallet and can transform any room.

Shown Above: Admission Ticket $5 DIY Artwork

But, the DIY is not the only reason to love  Their holiday section is one of my favorites.  With simple and cost efficient in mind, Better Homes and Garden’s holiday recipes and decorating ideas are so clever and fun to do, guaranteed to wow your family and your guests.

We all know that holidays can be stressful with all the planning, the cooking, and the decor. gives you all unique ideas to make your event look like you spent forever preparing, when really you were able to get things ready in a snap.

Take this wine label below for insistence.  It’s so clever, so simple, and the best part? offers it as a download for free! is definitely one of my “go to’s” for all things family, event, holiday, garden related.  If you didn’t know about it before, im glad I can introduce it to you now!

Better Homes and Gardens is currently offering online readers a BHG magazine subscription for $5.99 for one full year, but the offer wont last so if your interested, check out it out by clicking here!

For information on Better Homes and Gardens and all the fun recipes, DIY, and other cool stuff, head to  Be sure to follow them on Twitter @HomesandGarden for updates and events.

Happy Wednesday!

- J