No Cook Recipe: Pineapple and Orange Cubes & Slices


Orange and Pineapple Cubes & Slices

This is such a quick, healthy snack to prepare.  Not only do these take just minutes to make, it is also low cal!

(This recipe was provided by my friend Ashley who featured these at her luau themed barbecue.  She also made my Sliced Fruit Ice Cubes to go with the theme as well!)

To make these Pineapple and Orange Cubes & Slices:

1. Slice an orange.

2. Cube some pineapple.

3. Secure the orange slice and pineapple cube together with a toothpick and serve!

*Optional: Sprinkle a pinch of sugar on the fruit to give it a little extra sweetness.


Comment’s from A Lot On Your Plate readers:

“I have suggestion for a high cal variation, sprinkle some sugar and give them a twist in a pan or a grill… yum!”

- Giovanna (bluejellybeans)

Happy Snacking!

- J