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So,This week’s website is pure genius. carries some of the most unique home and office products around. Theres such a wide variety of cleaning & organizing accessories to choose from however, this site is not limited to just that.

Organize also has a travel section where they offer some of the pretty unique l luggage and travel accessories.

There’s even something for all the iPhone and Tablet fans!  Organize offers some of the most awesome iPhone and tablet cases on the market.

So, one of the main reasons I was drawn to this site was their line of “Emergency Preparedness” kits and accessories.  Organize offers different emergency kits based on you and your family’s needs, from the Mommy & Me: Grab & Go Bag to the TastySafety Emergency Kit.  It’s so important to be ready for anything and these kits help you do just that.

Organize’s motto is: Clean. Neat. Easy. and all the products they carry are jsut that. I’m such a fan of and I know if you check this site out, you will be too.  For more info on any of’s products, head to and dont forget to follow them on Twitter @Organizedotcom.

Thanks for stopping by, I cant wait to share my next Website of the Week, with you guys.

Happy Friday!

- J

Going Green in Your Own Home: The Clean Edition


I love using lemon rinds when I’m washing dishes, they’re great for removing grease off pans and plastic containers. I also give my sink a final wipe-down with the lemon rinds, including the insides of the drain to remove any yucky buildup.   - The Foodery

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Thanks for the good tips, tree hugger!

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A Lot On Your Plate & Very Grateful!


Hello everyone, Happy Thursday!

So, I feel its always nice every so often to stop and just be grateful for the things in your life, whether its people, opportunities your given, a pet, anything really.

Today, im reaching out and thank each and everyone one of you. I am truly grateful for the post likes, the kind words, and the warm reception you’ve given A Lot On Your Plate.

When i started this blog, i set out to inspire lives. I wanted to spread the word that having “A Lot On Your Plate” should be looked at as a good thing!

My goal is still (and always will be), to help simplify, organize, and inspire your lives by updating you on the best tips, offers, and awesome accessories this world has to offer.

So, how do you guys think i’m doing so far? Are you enjoying A Lot On Your Plate? All comments are welcomed!

Thanks again, you all are so awesome!

- J

My First Blog. Ever.

Hello World!

My name is Jessica and thanks for checking out my blog!   My blog is dedicated to the hard-working women (and men) who balance family & career on a daily basis.  As a working mother myself, i understand how important it is to live a balanced life.  All work and no play is just awful.

My family was really the inspiration behind my blogging.  To me, having people in your life who make you want to be better at all times, well, that’s just fabulous. So what better way honor to your family, (friends & pets too!) then by aspiring to be the best person you can be for them.

I’m hoping to bring creativity, inspiration, organization, (as well as all those other fun words) to your life. From easy breezy recipes to fab finds and reviews, the goal is for this blog to be your go to guide for all things family style.

Thanks for taking this journey with me!!! – J