Ways To Help The East Coast After Hurricane Sandy

Ways To Help The East Coast Rebuild After Hurricane Sandy

As you all know, Hurricane Sandy has affected millions of people all along the East Coast.  There are many ways to help all who were affected by this storm whether it’s by donating time, money, clothes, or just helping clean up.  As a fellow East Coaster, I know how important it is to help others rebuild and move on past this horrific natural disaster.  I know and have seen first hand how much this storm has taken from New York alone.  It has destroyed homes, businesses, cars, and other property that could take months, even years to fix, if they can be fixed at all.

ALotOnYourPlate.com’s newest post has a list ways to help those affected by Sandy.  Contact information for each effort is located on the websites linked below.

As I always say, if you are not in the position to donate anything at this time, word of mouth is another way to help spread awareness for any cause.

Please spread the word and help the East Coast rebuild and get past this horrific event.

- Jessica