Fab Finds: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Fab Finds: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. also known as NBCAM. This month is dedicated to raising awareness and educating individuals about breast cancer.   In honor of NBCAM, I compiled a list of all Fab Finds: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  These finds are perfect for gift giving, using as favors, or just enjoying for yourself.  A percentage of each item’s proceeds go to The National Breast Cancer Association. Check out the list by going to ALotOnYourPlate.com!

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The End of Summer: A Collection of A Lot on Your Plate’s “Best of Summer” Recipes, D.I.Y’s, and More!

As school quickly approaches and the hot weather begins to taper off, this can only mean one thing, sadly, Summer break is almost over.  In honor of the last weekend of Summer as thought of by most, I put together a collection of A Lot On Your Plate’s most popular Summer posts in the hopes of inspiring readers to make this weekend super fun, while affordable, and go out of Summer with a bang.

Below are some fun D.I.Y’s, fab finds, and recipes perfect for family fun, barbecues, or just some gold old fashion relaxation time. Enjoy!

The Best of Summer:

5 Minute Recipe’s: Twisted S’Mores; 10 Unique S’more Recipes

D.I.Y: Fruit Sliced Ice-Cubes


5 Minute Recipe: Super Easy Lemon Infused Caprese Salad


Fab Find: Powell & Mahoney Limited Vintage Cocktail Mixers

Fab Find: Spindrift Sodas & Waters

Recipe of the Week: Super Easy Individual Mini Pizzas


D.I.Y: Raspberry Ice-Cubes

Fab Finds: All Things Grilling

D.I.Y: Patriotic Marshmallows


No Cook Recipes: Orange & Pineapple Slices, Perfect for a Luau Themed BBQ!


Recipe of the Week: Mini Ranch & Triple Cheddar Turkey Taco Bowls

Below is a back to school related post, just in case you are interested ;)

Tips, Tricks, & How To’s: Getting Back Into the School Routine

(Also check out the Thrifty Finds: Back To School Edition)

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Fab Find: Hey Yo Yo’s Cupcake Lining Kits & Partyware

Swoon.  Could this site be any cuter?  HeyYoYo is an online store that specializes in all things baking and party related, making party planning a cinch with lots of special touches.

HeyYoYo.com is a very affordable website that offer’s many unique items with an extremely vintage feel.  Their items are unlike any others that I have seen.  The sprinkles, edibles, and toppers are very different from the usual items you can purchase at a party store.

So now that you are a little acquainted with HeyYoYo.com, on to the Fab Finds!  HeyYoYo offers the most adorable Cupcake Lining Kits and party-ware not very common in many stores.  The second I saw these kits, I had to contain myself because let’s be honest, I want them all!

The Cupcake Lining Kits are perfect for themed parties whether a birthday, cookout, seasonal, or any other occasion.  One of my favorite kits offered on HeyYoYo that I have actually never seen before until now, is The Nutcracker Cupcake Liner Kits. 

I am such a sucker for The Nutcracker and with the holiday spirit in mind, the Nutcracker Lining Kits are perfect for dolling up cupcakes during the Christmas season.

HeyYoYo’s Cupcake Lining Kits are not just seasonal items.  They have many different kits that range from pirates and space cadets to animal parades and the ballet. With that being said, anyone who knows me knows that I love anything Nautical. From the Sailboats to the Anchors, I love it all, so to me, finding this next cupcake lining kit is like finding gold!

The Nautical “All Aboard” Cupcake Lining Kit in which it’s cuteness just speaks for itself, has to be by far one of my favorite lining kits to date. Its whimsy and charm is perfect for a Summer cookout or party.

These Cupcake Lining Kits can range anywhere from $12 to $13 based on the kit of your choosing.  The kits vary with the amount of pieces they come with, but most of the kits I have seen come with 24 liners and 24 pieces of 4 different toppers each.  Due to the different kits, the number of pieces may vary*

The Cupcake Lining Kits are not the only Fab Find I wanted to share from the site in this post.  I am hitting you with a Fab Find Double Whammy!  That’s right, 2 Fab Finds from one site.  The next find is HeyYoYo’s party-ware and treat kits.

Their unique cupcake boxes and adorable “Freshly Baked Treat Kit”  makes treat giving and party planning tons of fun.

The “Freshly Baked Treat Kit” is $12 and comes with tags, bags, ribbons, and string, a complete kit for presenting someone with a handmade treat.  The kit comes in an adorable decorative box for safe keeping.

So as if there wasn’t anymore great things to tell you about HeYoYo.com, here’s one more. HeyYoYo ship’s EVERYWHERE in the world! Yay!  (I find worldwide shipping to be such a rare, but wonderful quality to find in an online store). All shipping charges are based on the weight of the products you have selected.  There is a shipping calculator provided on the site to give you a better understanding of what your shipping fee looks like.  Most orders ship within 24 – 48 hours upon receiving the order.

For more information on this awesome site and it’s amazing products, check out HeyYoYo.com.  At this moment, I was unable to find HeyYoYo’s Twitter account info for you, but you can get their updates on Facebook.

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Fab Find: The Design Fetish Store

I was browsing through Amazon when I saw a link for The Design Fetish Store. Founded by 27-year-old kushu, Design Fetish is a roundup of products that are so clever, so brilliant, unique, and affordable, that it is no wonder that this store is quickly become one of my Fab Finds.

The products offered at Design Fetish are perfect for giving as gifts and are sure to put a smile on someones face.  These unique, never seen before items are also great novelties for your own home.  Check out my finds found at The Design Fetish Store below!

Fred Cool Jewels Ice-Cube Trays; $7.00

Dots Cord Identifier; $5.99

Phone App Refrigerator Magnets; $4.96

FingerPickin’ Cocktails; $8.34

Happy Birthday Cake Pan Mold; $22.47

Cake-sicle Pan; $14.89

Fred & Friends 12 oz. Stacked Ceramic Mugs; $12.78

Split Rock Cereal Bowl; $13.50

Fred & Friends PiBoss Pizza Wheel; $12.50

Fred & Friends Cake Candelabra; $6.05

But, aside of being from having an awesome online store, kushu is also a blogger!  Design Fetish seconds as her blog. She features some of her most popular posts as well as some of her favorite bloggers and designers!  Click here to check out some of the most popular posts featured on Design Fetish.

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Fab Find: Premium Spices of Lezzet

I absolutely love this Fab Find. Spices of Lezzet is a company that offers the finest spices and salts from around the world, that are not commonly seen in the United States. Lezzet (the Turkish for the word “taste”)specializes in exotic salts and spices from regions like India and Turkey, France, and the Mediterranean. Their products guarantee to give your dishes that little something extra with their exquisite flavors and presentation.

There are many salts available on from Spices of Lezzet like Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt, Fine Himalayan Pink Salt, and Fleur de Sol.  Lezzet also carries common spices like Cinnamon, Turkish Bay Leaves, and Cumin and worldly spices like Fenugreek, Isot Pepper, and Mediteranian Oregano.

Each product has a Flavor Profile, describing the smell, flavor, and use, to better help you choose the spices and salts right for your taste.

The salts and spices range anywhere from $10.55 to $16.99 depending on the product.

(Shown above: Cyprus Black Lava Flakes good for use as a finishing salt.)

(Shown above: Murray River, perfect for topping chocolate truffles.)

Spices of Lezzet works with small family farms and procure only the finest quality spices an salts from regions around the world. The spices contain no MSG, anticaking agents, or preservatives.

(Shown above: Sweet Purple Basil perfect for soup and fish dishes)

I was immediately drawn to Spices of Lezzet’s gift collections.  Perfect for friends and family who love to cook, or just for treating yourself, Lezzet’s gift collections come in three sizes: The Premium Select Collection, The Foodie Collection, and The Chef’s Collection.

The Premium Collection comes with 5 of Spice’s of Lezzet’s most popular best-selling spices and salts, where as The Foodie Collection comes with 9, and the Chef’s Collection comes with 13.

“This is a wonderful selection of our most popular spices and salts: Red Stamp Pepper, Isot Pepper, Mediterranean Oregano, Sweet Red Pepper Powder, Sumac, Sweet Purple Basil, Mint Flakes, Fenugreek Powder, Peruvian Pink Salt and Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt.   Nestled in a beautiful box, this unique set is the perfect gift for any home cook or chef.”

Each gift set comes in a beautiful box with a description of each spice and salt included. The gift collections range from $48 – $99.

You can subscribe to Spices of Lezzet’s newsletter, keeping you up to date with all the new products and announcements by clicking here.

For more info on Spices of Lezzet, check out their website, LezzetSpices.com. Get their Twitter updates by following them @LezzetSpices, and be sure to Like them on Facebook.

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Fab Finds: All Things Grilling

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year … grilling season!  Check out these fab finds below for all things grilling! 

S’More to Love BBQ S’more Maker Toppers & Basket; Chef Central; $14.95 (Holds 6)

S’More to Love BBQ S’more Maker ; ShopRite; $9.99 (Holds 4)

 Cuisinart 3 Piece Grilling Set with Grill Glove; Bed, Bath, & Beyond; $24.95

 Martha Stewart Collection Meat Thermometer; Macy’s; $9.99

Ultimate Grill Rack; Gifts.com & Amazon; $23.30

Bacon BBQ Chef Salt; Crate and Barrel; $4.95

Vacuum Sealed Meat Marinater; Sharper Image; $39.99

 Smoke Flavor Wood Chips Sampler; Crate and Barrel ; $12.95

Single Hamburger Patty Press; Brookstone; $19.99

Weber Grilling Mitt; Weber.com; $8.99

Grill Dozer Spring BBQ Spring Cleaning Tool Kit; BBQGuys.com; $25.95

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Happy Grilling!

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Fab Find: Joseph Joseph’s Slice and Store

This is such a clever and convenient idea.  Joseph Joseph is a site that specializes in unique cooking accessories.

Today’s Fab Find is called the Slice and Store and its not only handy, but affordable.

The Slice and Store is a chopping board that comes with a high quality, stainless steel, removable knife.  This product is perfect for on the go, camping trips, and picnics!

The Slice and Store is $15.00 and comes in 4 different colors. It is also dishwasher safe.

The Slice and Store is temporarily unavaible on the Joseph Joseph website, however you can email them at info@josephjoseph.com for a list of nearest stores carrying it in your area.

I love this chopping board because its convenient and great quality for such an awesome price.  The Slice and Store is also perfect for gift giving.

For more info the this and all other Joseph Joseph kitchen tools and accessories, check out josephjoseph.com.

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Fab Finds: All Things Baking Edition

Fab Finds: The Baking Edition

(This post is dedicated to the fabulous bakers of WordPress)

Snow White Cupcake Decorating Kit, William Sonoma, $12.95

Snow White

Tea Cake Pan, Chef Central, $24.99

Tea Cake

Little Cakes From the Whimsical Bakehouse, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, $24.95

Little Cake

Marvel Superhero Cupcake Decorating Kit, William Sonoma, $9.60

william sonoma

Dotty Pot Holder, Anthropologie, $12

Dotty Mit

Martha Stewart Collection Pastry Decorating Kit, Macys, $12.99


Feel free to comment below and/or suggest any of your favorite baking accessories!

Happy Friday!

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Fab Find: Kleenex Wallet Packs

Kleenex Wallet Packs

With Spring (and allergies) in full swing, this Fab Find, really comes in handy.

Introducing, Kleenex Wallet Packs. They are slimmer then your average pocket packs, making these the perfect on to go tissues.

Whether you’re going for a run or just taking the kids to the park, slip these in your back pocket or wallet and go.

The Kleenex Wallet Packs are 69¢ (10 count) and available at CVS Pharmacy. The packs come in a bunch of different designs and colors.

So normally, this is the part where id say “to learn more about this product go to…”, but the Kleenex Wallet Packs are so new that aren’t even featured on the Kleenex website yet!  Even so, I do recommend you check out www.Kleenex.com anyway. For a Limited Time, you can personalize a box of tissue with your favorite MLB team on it.  Sounds cool right?

Happy Tuesday!

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