Fab Find: Pier 1 Import’s Mini Tasting Party

Whether your hosting a holiday party, celebration, or just a casual get together, its always important to have fun with what you’re planning. This Fab Find comes to us from Pier 1 Imports and it is definitely one of my favorite things.

Originally inspired by restaurants that offer small sampler menus and small plate choices, Pier 1 thought up a brilliant way to showcase all your hard work in the kitchen, while bringing sophistication and charm to the table.

The “Mini Tasting Party” collection are little serving sample sets that are guarantee to wow your guests. With sets like the mini martini glasses, miniature trifle bowls, and mini casserole dishes, it’s easy to add that special touch to any event without the hassle.

The Mini Tasting Party allows your guests get to sample a little bit of everything on the table.

Each piece of the collection is made from either porcelain or glass, so chance’s are they will mix well with the pieces you might already own.

Pier 1’s website offer’s tasting party idea’s, themes, and recipes to help you give you some idea’s for your next event.

These sets are dishwasher safe and with easy storage, makes clean up a synch!

You can purchase pieces as a set or individually. The sets range from $24.95 to $34.95 and are sold in-store as well as online. The collection is always being added to and updated so be sure to check back for more miniature serving goodness.

For more information on the “Mini Tasting Party Collection” check out Pier1.com. Be sure to follow them on Twitter @Pier_1_Imports.

Happy hosting!

- J

Fab Find: Birchbox

Today’s Fab Find is called Birchbox.  The Birchbox is a beauty discovery service that allows you to receive high-end, trial sized beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples, delivered right to your door, each month!

Birchbox is not just for women. A deluxe sampler box is now available for men as well. Just $10 for women and $20 for the men, each month you will receive customized beauty, hair care, grooming, and skin care samples shipped right to you.

Check out the YouTube video below from Birchbox TV.

How to join: Follow the link to the Birchbox site by clicking here: Birchbox.  You will select your subscription, either women or men.  You will then be asked to join the Birchbox mailing list, reserving your “place in line” for the next Birchbox to go out (that is if you missed the most recent Birchbox).  If you did miss the sign up cutoff for the month, an email will be sent to you when it is time for you to sign up. You will be asked to fill out a survey that will help customize the samples you will be receiving each month, as per your answers.  Each month, you will be sent a Birchbox filled with that month’s samples.

The Birchbox is perfect for people like me, who are tired of having to pay full price to try a product I might not like or for a product that might not even work.  It is also perfect for busy women and men who don’t have the time to research the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products for themselves. The Birchbox is great giving as a gift, or just treating yourself.  Gift cards are also available for use at the Birchbox Shop.

If you loved a product(s) you received, you can by the full-sized item at the Birchbox Online Shop.

Below are some comment’s from happy consumer’s of the Birchbox!

“I like The Birchbox because it is customizable.  It’s like getting a present every month! Also, I love the samples.”

- Katie B.


“Birchbox is the best! It’s so much fun, even though it makes you want to buy all of the products. Another plus is that if you do sign up, once you start receiving products you can review the contents of your box every month and earn points to use in the Birch Shop.”

- Ashley R.


“I love Birchbox as well. I have been a product junkie for a long time. I love that I can really try products that I would have normally overlooked or passed on because of price. Saves a lot of money in the long run.”

- Bella @ Onibella Muses


“My sister turned me on to Birchbox. I’ve been able to find a great SPF lotion through it that doesn’t make me look oily half way through the day. I highly suggest it to everyone because it’s so customizable.”

- FoodyRach @ You Must Love Food

When it comes to the brands offered in each box, Birchbox only chooses the best. With samples like Dior, Juicy Couture, Tea Forte, Band-Aid, Tocca, and so many other fabulous brands, each month’s box is exciting to receive.  You never know what you could get!

Each monthly Birchbox ships free every month.  The Birchbox Shop also offers free shipping for items in their Birch Shop as well.

Do you already receive the Birchbox?  Are you thinking about joining Birchbox?  Please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below!

Birchbox’s website also has a whole section dedicated to tips, tricks, and tutorials.  Click here to check out the Birchbox Magazine a.k.a The Haute Box.  This month’s current feature is natural scrubs for your face.  Check out their YouTube page for other videos featured on Birchbox TV.

To find out more about Birchbox, check out Birchbox.com.  Be sure to follow them on Twitter @birchbox and like them on Facebook!

Be sure to check back for the next Fab Find and thanks for checking out A Lot On Your Plate!

Happy Sampling!

- J

A Lot On Your Plate’s 100th Post! (A Look Back At My Top 10 Posts)

I can’t believe I am already at 100 posts!  It feels like it was just yesterday we all started taking this journey together.  Thank you all so much for welcoming me into the WordPress community.  Your comments, like’s, and feedback have been and continue to be, truly inspiring and I cant wait to share whats in-store for A Lot On Your Plate!

Now for the fun stuff, here’s a look back at my top 10 post’s from the beginning of A Lot On Your Plate back in March of 2012.

A Lot On Your Plate’s Greatest Hits:

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… and of course, one for good luck!

DIY: Fun Shaped Restore Crayons

If it weren’t for you guys, A Lot On Your Plate wouldn’t be possible, so I wanted to thank each and every one of you and let you all know that you are all so appreciated. The warm reception on WordPress has been amazing and I am so grateful.

There is exciting news coming from A Lot On Your Plate this August so stay tuned!

Happy 100th post!

- J


Fab Find: One Charming Party Theme Packages

This Fab Find is called One Charming Party (Themed Packages) and they are perfect for those in search of throwing the perfect themed party.  This is such a great idea. Its adorable, creative, and affordable!

One Charming Party is a site dedicated to helping you throw the perfect, unique themed parties for all kinds of special occasions from Art Gallery and Country Fair, to Strawberry and Superhero Parties.

One Charming Life theme packages are $25 a theme and include step by step tutorials, DIY cakes, favors, and invitation ideas, and much more.

Packages come in the form of a downloadable PDF file sent directly your inbox.  The files are colorful and have beautiful detail.

One Charming Life is currently offering a “buy 1, get 1″ when you use the promo code SPRING at checkout.

My favorite party themes as of right have to be the Pajama Glam and Superhero parties.  Everything about them is so cute and very well done, guaranteed to put a smile on your children’s faces.

One Charming Party is an awesome concept and I definitely recommend them for your next occasion.

For more info on One Charming Party and all the sweetness it has to offer, check out OneCharmingParty.com.  Be sure to follow them on Twitter @OneCharmingGirl and like them on Facebook!

Happy Monday

- J

Fab Find: Pier 1 Import’s Tasting Party (The Sequel)

Oh Pier 1, you’ve done it again! Back in March i featured Pier 1’s “Mini Tasting Party Collection”.  (Click here to revisit my “Mini Tasting Party Collection” post).

Today’s fab find is a continuation of the Pier 1’s “Tasting Party” series.  There are so many fun items to choose from items like the porcelain bowls, mini trifle bowl sets, and the glass platters you’d serve them on.

The collection ranges anywhere from $3.50 to $24.95.

The Tasting Party gives your guests the opportunity to try a little of everything, while giving your party a classic feel.

I absolutely love this collection and i’m very curious to hear your thoughts on these Pier 1 products.  Feel free to comment below!

Check out Pier 1 Imports for more home goodness and be sure to follow them on twitter @Pier1Imports!

Happy Wednesday!

- J