Fab Find: Pier 1 Import’s Tasting Party (The Sequel)

Oh Pier 1, you’ve done it again! Back in March i featured Pier 1’s “Mini Tasting Party Collection”.  (Click here to revisit my “Mini Tasting Party Collection” post).

Today’s fab find is a continuation of the Pier 1’s “Tasting Party” series.  There are so many fun items to choose from items like the porcelain bowls, mini trifle bowl sets, and the glass platters you’d serve them on.

The collection ranges anywhere from $3.50 to $24.95.

The Tasting Party gives your guests the opportunity to try a little of everything, while giving your party a classic feel.

I absolutely love this collection and i’m very curious to hear your thoughts on these Pier 1 products.  Feel free to comment below!

Check out Pier 1 Imports for more home goodness and be sure to follow them on twitter @Pier1Imports!

Happy Wednesday!

- J

There’s An App For That: The Days Left Widget

Days Left

Good morning everyone!

This week’s app is called the “Days Left Widget”.  This widget counts down the days until any future events. This app is very fun and gives you something to look forward to!

This app is perfect for counting down days to vacations, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and more!  You can personalize each countdown with color and icons.

Days Left

This app is great for moms & dads who are constantly asked, “How many day’s until …” or for students to countdown the days until schools out and summer vacation begins.

Days Left

The Days Left Widget is awesome, handy, and i highly recommend it.  If you already have or tried this app, what do you think about it?  If you havent tried it yet, does this app look like something you’ll try it in the future?  All comments welcomed!

For more information on this app, click here to be directed to Google Play.

Happy Monday!

- J

Website of the Week: The Knack by Michaels

The Knack

This is such a fun way to get kids excited about arts & crafts.  This week’s website is The Knack brought to us by Michaels Crafts.

The Knack is a club exclusively offered by Michaels.com, branched off the Michael’s site, for kids of all ages. The Knack offers free online projects as well as a printable club card. The club card is so easy to use. Simply, print the card off The Knack and attend a Knack in-store event held by (in) Michael’s.  For each event your child or children attend hosted by The Knack, a hole is punched in their card(s).  Once 10 holes are punched, your child wins a special prize. The Knack club card never expires.

The Knack Club Card

The Knack Club is that its 100% free to join and the site its super cute and very well done, guaranteed to get your child excited about arts and crafts.

For more information on The Knack, head over to Michaels.com and click the tab labeled “The Knack” (or just click here).  Be sure to follow Michael’s on Twitter @MichaelsStore.

Happy Crafting!

- J

There’s An App For That: Epicurious (Recipes & Grocery List)


This weeks app is for all who love to cook.  Whether your a chef, baker, someone whos interested in taking up cooking, working moms and dads who need a quick meal idea, and/or other, Epicurious (recipes & grocery list) has got you covered.

The Epicurious app is based on the award winning website.  With over 25,000 and counting, Epicurious covers recipes on all skill levels ranging anywhere from “I cook like a pro” to “I can barely cook”.

There are many recipe catagories to choose from like Mother’s Day Ideas, Bridal Showers, Holidays, Healthy Snacks, and much more.

My favorite part of this app is the plus sign feature.  When you find a recipe you like, tap the plus sign and the recipe automatically saves, while adding the ingredients you’d need for the recipe, to your grocery list in the app, available in the lower right of your screen.


The Epicurious (recipe & grocery list) app is perfect for last minute recipes, planned parties, dinner guests, or just for browsing if you’d like to plan a meal for the future.

I love to cook so i really appriciate this app, as well as the website.

Do you see yourself trying this app or any of Epicurious’ recipes on the future?

All comments welcomed!

Happy Tuesday!

- J

5 Minute Recipe: Super Easy (And Cost Efficient) Vanilla Candy!

Vanilla StarsHappy Friday Everyone!

Ok, so last night I wanted to try something that I havent been successful doing in the past, that something is making candy.  2 years ago I attempted chocolate truffles from scratch and it didn’t go very well.  People now refer to that Holiday season as, “The year Jess tried to make truffles”. Lol, ok I get it!  However, I came back last night with a vengeance and discovered whats possibly the EASIEST AND MOST COST EFFICIENT way to make candy EVER.

Note: These candies make the perfect inexpensive home-made gifts and party favors.

Vanilla Flavored Candy:

What You’ll Need (all purchased @Joannes Fabric, but depending where you purchase your supplies, prices may vary):

(1) Candy mold of your choice ($1.99)

(1) Bag of Wilton’s Candy Melts (Any Color & Flavors are fine) ($2.99)

(1) microwave

Optional: (1) Bag of Wilton Disposable Candy Decorating Bag ($4.99), Foil Candy Wrappers ($1.50)

Prep Time: 2 MINS

Active Time: 5 MINS

Wilton Candy Melts: Blue VanillaStep 1: Fill a microwavable bowl (or microwave safe container) with Wilton’s Candy Melts. (The directions call for a whole bag, but i only used a handful and they filled a whole candy tray).

Step 3

Step 2: Place bowl in the microwave (or container) for on 50% power or the defrost setting for 1 minute. *Note: not all the pieces will be fully melted and that’s okay.

Step 3

Step 3: Stir and place back into the microwave for 30 seconds.

Step 4

Step 4: Once the candy is fully melted, stir well and pour into candy mold (please excuse the water droplets in the picture, i had just washed these, i highly recommend you fully dry the mold before use to avoid air pockets).

Step 5: Tap molds to let out all the air pockets, then place in the refrigerator until the molds look frosty or the candies are firm.

Vanilla Stars

Step 6: Enjoy!

If you have anything to add to this recipe, please feel free to comment! All comments are always welcomed!

 Be sure to check back for more 5 Minute recipes !!!

Happy Friday!

- J