The Winner of the “A Lot On Your Plate Cake Bake-Off” has been announced!

The winning post for this month’s bake-off has been announced!

Hi everyone!

To find out who has the winning post to this month’s “Use What You’ve Got Bake-Off” click here or head to for the winning post and to see all of your amazing entries!

As always, you all did such an amazing job with all of your recipes and I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to participate in the bake-off.

I will be hosting another bake-off next month, but this time, with a twist, so if you did not win this time around, there’s always next time!  Because A Lot On Your Plate is now a .com, I will be announcing the rules and details of next month’s bake-off on both and so no one is left out!

Please don’t be offended if you did not win this category.  It was extremely hard to choose a winner and you all should be very proud of yourselves.  You’re all tremendously talented and I can’t stress that enough. Thank you again for entering.

Happy Monday and thank you all so much for entering!

- Jessica

Just A Few More Days To Enter The “Use What You’ve Got” Bake-off!


This month’s category is Cake!

Just 5 more days left to enter the “Use What You’ve Got” Cake Bake-off at A Lot on Your Plate! For rules & details on this bake-off, check out my previous post A Lot On Your Plate’s “Use What Youve Got” Bake-off”.

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It’s That Time Again! A Lot on Your Plate’s Next Bake-off Category Is …

It’s that time again!

This month’s A Lot on your Plate’s “Use What You’ve Got” Category is: Cake!

Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake


How It Works: Simply, leave a comment below with a link to one of your cupcake recipe’s that you have chosen to enter into the bake-off.  The recipes entered will be judged on simplicity (prep time, active time, ingredients, etc…) and the photo of the finished product, itself.  The recipe will NOT be based on the quality of the photo.  (1) winner will be chosen, but all will be recognized.  The winning cupcake recipe will be posted in its entirety, photos, links and all, and baker will be notified and will receive a prize hand-picked by yours truly. All bloggers that submit a recipe will be acknowledged in the winner’s post with a link to their recipe entered, minus the photos and the prize.

The beauty of this bake-off is that it’s ”use what you’ve got”.  I realize that people live busy lives and might not have the time to bake a new recipe from scratch for a bake-off, so you can use one of your old posts to enter (or a brand new one if you feel up to it and have the time).

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