DIY: Fun Shaped Restored Crayons


Fun Shaped Restorable Crayons

I’m sure we’ve all been there, you used a crayon so much that its next stop is pretty much the garbage.

This DIY: Fun Shaped Restored Crayons project is a way to restore old, used, non functional crayons while having fun doing it!

This project is perfect for a rainy days with the kids or even as party favors.

Update: This post has moved.  To check it out, visit Thanks!

- Jessica

Website of the Week: The Knack by Michaels

The Knack

This is such a fun way to get kids excited about arts & crafts.  This week’s website is The Knack brought to us by Michaels Crafts.

The Knack is a club exclusively offered by, branched off the Michael’s site, for kids of all ages. The Knack offers free online projects as well as a printable club card. The club card is so easy to use. Simply, print the card off The Knack and attend a Knack in-store event held by (in) Michael’s.  For each event your child or children attend hosted by The Knack, a hole is punched in their card(s).  Once 10 holes are punched, your child wins a special prize. The Knack club card never expires.

The Knack Club Card

The Knack Club is that its 100% free to join and the site its super cute and very well done, guaranteed to get your child excited about arts and crafts.

For more information on The Knack, head over to and click the tab labeled “The Knack” (or just click here).  Be sure to follow Michael’s on Twitter @MichaelsStore.

Happy Crafting!

- J

Arts and Crafts: Small Hands, Big World.


My nephew came home from school with this project and I thought it was absolutely adorable (not to mention really easy), so i knew i had to share.  Even though the project was for earth day, this craft is perfect for a rainy days or weekends.

Small Hands, Big World:

What you will need:

(1) paper plate

(1) tube of blue kid-friendly washable finger paint  (crayola recommended)

(1) tube of green kid-friendly washable finger paint (crayola recommended)

(1) piece of white construction paper

(1) piece of red construction paper (im sure pink would work too)

(1) glue stick

(1) scissors (the adult is advised to cut the construction paper themselves)

(1) paint brush

Step 1: paint the plate completely blue.

Step 2: apply green finger paint to your child’s hand and press onto the piece of white construction board.

Step 3: cut and glue to the blue dish.

Step 3: making a heart with the red (or pink) construction paper, have the child write their name in the middle.

Optional: Step 3: using extra construction paper, cut a strip and make a bow.

It’s that simple! Feel free to leave any comments or ideas on how to tweak this project if you’d like :)

Happy Saturday!

- J

Arts and Crafts: My Funny Bunny Mask

My Funny Bunny Mask

My Funny Bunny

What you will need:

1 sentence strip (sold at any CVS or teacher’s supply store)

1 white cardstock paper

1 pink card stock

1 black card stock

4 popsicle sticks or coffee straws

1 Stapler, glue stick, or scotch tape

Prep Time: 10 MINS

Active Time: 20 MINS

1. Take 1 sentence strip and join the ends together to form a circle. (The mask fits best when works you measure the person’s head first.  The sentence strip must cover the tip of the person’s ears for a correct fit). Seal ends with a glue stick, tape, or staples.


2. On white cardstock, trace 2 big bunny ears; cut.


3.  Attach bunny ears to the sentence strip, using either glue or tape.  Behind the ears, place 2 popsicle sticks or coffee straws, behind the ears to give support.  The best way to secure them is by using tape.

 4. Take a sheet of black cardstock and cut 2 circles,  Poke a whole through the middle to cut inside the circle, making glasses.

Step 4

5. Best if with glue or staples, please the eyes towards the bottom of the sentence strip.

Step 6

7.  Trace and cut 2 teeth the size of big chiklets, (or a smidge bigger then a quarter), using the white cardstock.  With the pink card stock, cut a rectangle triple the size of the teeth.  This will act as the nose.

Step 5

8.  Glue the two teeth to the bottom of the nose.  Secure the nose to the bottom of the eyes.

Step 8

9. Presto! Isn’t this an absolutely adorable and inexpensive project for you and the kiddies or students?

Step 9

10 OPTIONAL.  Take pink card stock and cut 2 long ovals to place over the white ears, to make the ears stand out a little more.

Happy Easter & Passover Everyone!  – J