There’s An App For That: Dropbox

When my husband showed me this app, i cant tell you how excited I got.  This is such a clever concept.

App of the Week is called Dropbox and it has revolutionizes the way we travel with photos, videos, and documents.

Check out these 2 videos below to find out more about Dropbox!

This app is awesome for people who love to be organized. Snapping a photo on my phone, then automatically seeing it uploaded to my PC, was pretty exciting to me.  I love things that cut time in half, and Dropbox does just that.

Dropbox works on laptops, tablets, and phones and is free for all Android, Blackberry, Windows, IOS, & OSX (iPhone, iPad, & Mac) users. To find out more about Dropbox, check out, iTunesGoogle Play.

Questions & Comments from A Lot On Your Plate followers:

OK Since you are a user, I have a question.  What type of fees are associated with this? Thanks! – Krista @ beckmank

Good question!  There is no fee for Dropbox. You receive 2 GB (gigabytes) for free and if you wanted or needed to, you can purchase more space as well. – J

Have you used or currently are, using Dropbox? Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Happy Friday!

- J

There’s An App For That: Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map

Although this app has been on the market for a while, Google Sky Map is still one of my favorite Android apps of all time!

Check out the YouTube video below to find out more about Sky Map.

This app is so much fun and sure to be a family favorite.  This app is free for all Android users.

Have you ever used this app before?  Did this post make you want to look into Google Sky Map?  All comments appreciated below!

For more info on this and other awesome apps, check out Google Play and be sure to check back for more Apps of the Week!

Happy Wednesday!

- J

There’s An App For That: Cute Notes for Android

Apple user’s get Postcards on the Run, so it’s our turn to get something cool.

App of the Week is the equivalent to the “on the go” post-it. Cute Notes is a sticky note widget for Android phones.

This app is so easy to use.  Simply select the sticky note widget size and color, type your note and set.

The coolest feature that I use all the time is the transparent sticky note.  It minimize’s clutter your screen.

I downloaded this app thinking I’d use it once or twice, but I find my phone is full of sticky notes now, it’s very handy. This app is free for all Android users and I recommend you check it out

For more info on Cute Notes, check out Google Play by clicking here.

Happy Wednesday!

- J

There’s An App For That: The Days Left Widget

Days Left

Good morning everyone!

This week’s app is called the “Days Left Widget”.  This widget counts down the days until any future events. This app is very fun and gives you something to look forward to!

This app is perfect for counting down days to vacations, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and more!  You can personalize each countdown with color and icons.

Days Left

This app is great for moms & dads who are constantly asked, “How many day’s until …” or for students to countdown the days until schools out and summer vacation begins.

Days Left

The Days Left Widget is awesome, handy, and i highly recommend it.  If you already have or tried this app, what do you think about it?  If you havent tried it yet, does this app look like something you’ll try it in the future?  All comments welcomed!

For more information on this app, click here to be directed to Google Play.

Happy Monday!

- J

There’s An App For That: Epicurious (Recipes & Grocery List)


This weeks app is for all who love to cook.  Whether your a chef, baker, someone whos interested in taking up cooking, working moms and dads who need a quick meal idea, and/or other, Epicurious (recipes & grocery list) has got you covered.

The Epicurious app is based on the award winning website.  With over 25,000 and counting, Epicurious covers recipes on all skill levels ranging anywhere from “I cook like a pro” to “I can barely cook”.

There are many recipe catagories to choose from like Mother’s Day Ideas, Bridal Showers, Holidays, Healthy Snacks, and much more.

My favorite part of this app is the plus sign feature.  When you find a recipe you like, tap the plus sign and the recipe automatically saves, while adding the ingredients you’d need for the recipe, to your grocery list in the app, available in the lower right of your screen.


The Epicurious (recipe & grocery list) app is perfect for last minute recipes, planned parties, dinner guests, or just for browsing if you’d like to plan a meal for the future.

I love to cook so i really appriciate this app, as well as the website.

Do you see yourself trying this app or any of Epicurious’ recipes on the future?

All comments welcomed!

Happy Tuesday!

- J

There’s An App For That: Instagram


If you havent jumped on the Instagram train yet, i highly recommend you do.

Instagram is an app that has reinvented photo sharing forever.

How does this App work: You simply take a picture from your iPhone or Droid, upload it to Instagram, choose from a selection of beautiful photo filters, save, and share.

Instagram transforms your everyday moments into works of art. This application is not only fast, easy, and fun to use, but its absolutely free!

For more info on Instagram and all its awesomeness, check out, iTunes, and Google Play.

To those who already have this app, do you have a favorite filter? Mine is definitely the Nashville filter. To those who don’t have this asp, do you see yourself getting it in the future? Feel free to comment below!

Happy Monday!

- J

There’s An App For That: Postcard on the Run

Postcard on the Run

This App of the Week is for iPhone users, in the hopes that it will one day come to android phones.

Postcards on the Run is perfect for travelers, whether you’re on vacation or business, and for those “You had to be there moments”. For .99¢ a picture, you just snap, upload, and enter a mailing address. The photo will be printed and mailed to the mailing address given! Again, this offer is just for iPhone users. I’m hoping the Android version comes out soon.

So clever. I wonder what they will think of next!

Happy Monday!


There’s An App For That: My Fitness Pal


I’m just going to throw it out there and state the obvious, dieting is hard.  Those of us who have ever tried, or currently are dieting know that it is a lot of dedication, and basically put, a life style change.

Studies have shown, people who count their calorie intake have a doubled success rate and that’s where this genius app comes into play. My “App of the Week” is called My Fitness Pal and I have been a proud member of the “My Fitness Pal Community” for almost two years and counting.

This app is perfect for counting calories, watching your sugar and sodium intake, and so much more.

This is not your typical dieting app. It’s actually fun to use! The scan feature let’s you scan the bar codes on almost any food and the nutritional info will automatically upload into your food diary. Once your are done with your log for the day, the app will calculate based on your entrys a rough estimate of when you should expect to each your goal weight.

This app is not just for losing weight. When my doctor put me on a mandatory low sodium diet, i knew that i’d be able to track my sodium intake without going crazy.

I definitley recommend this app to anyone who does not have the time, (or in some cases, the patience) to calorie count, or to anyone looking to just watch what they eat. To learn more about this app, check out

Happy App-ing! Haha, yeah, i know, i’ll think of something better next time. – J