Tips, Tricks & How To’s: Shopping and Eating Organic On A Budget

Shopping & Eating Organic On A Budget

My latest post “Shopping & Eating Organic On A Budget” is now up at A Lot On Your Plate!

Eating organic can be expensive depending on what you buy and where you shop.  In reality, with these economic times, it can be tough to shop exclusively organic, even when its best for your family.

To check out‘s tips and tricks for shopping and eating on a budget, click the hyperlink or the picture above!

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So Fresh and So Clean: Organic, All Natural, and Earth Friendly Bath and Body Products

So Fresh & So Clean: 

Organic, All Natural, and Earth Friendly Bath & Body Products

The word clean is defined as “To free from or rid yourself of dirt, stains, impurities, and unwanted matter”.  With that being said, aren’t all chemicals unwanted? It is so important to use products with you and your family’s health in mind.  There are tons of amazing products on the market to help you do so.

So Fresh & So Clean is a category on A Lot On Your Plate that features finds from the best organic, natural, and Earth friendly brands as well as products that have  you and your family in mind.

Organic, All Natural, and Earth Friendly Bath & Body Products:

The Honest Company’s Honest Bubble Bath; $11.95

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Fab Find: Powell & Mahoney Vintage Original Cocktail Mixers

Not only is the website beautiful and informative, but the products themselves are amazing.  This Fab Find comes to us from Powell & Mahoney Ltd.  Powell & Mahoney have found a way to make beverage mixers that not only taste amazing, but are gluten free and all natural.

“With over 20 years of combined experience in the cocktail mixer and beverage world, the founders of Powell & Mahoney, Ltd. thought it was high time to bring back the genuine, honest taste of America’s classic cocktails, in an all-natural cocktail mixer you would want to use again and again.” – From the Powell & Mahoney Site

You can add a little something extra to every table with Powell & Mahoney Mixer’s beautiful bottle presentation. But, that’s not the only impressive thing about the bottles.  When you peel aside the back label, there’s a second label with different easy recipes so you too can become your “own little bartender”.  And yes, there are also virgin recipes on the bottle as well, in which I thought to be really cool.

With flavors like Cosmopolitan, Lemon Sour, the new Low Cal. Margarita, and my personal favorite the Peach Bellini, you too can make your own happy hour!  These affordable handcrafted mixers are made with pure organic sugarcane and come from only the finest ingredients around.

Powell & Mahoney’s mixers are delicious and I am certainly a fan.  You can head over to to experience their site, recipes, and amazing products for yourself.  There is a Powell & Mahoney Cocktail Challenge coming to their site, so stay tuned for that as well!

I think by now everyone knows how much I love inspiring, quality products that look tons of effort were put into something, no matter what it is, when really preparation was effortless with the help of the product.  These mixers definitely do just that and for this, I thank you Brian Powell and Mark Mahoney, founders of Powell & Mahoney.

To learn more about the Powell and Mahoney’s Mixers check out  A big thank you to Powell and Mahoney’s Marketing Director Meredith!  Shes was a pleasure to work with!

Be sure to follow Powell & Mahoney on Twitter @PowellMahoney and like them on Facebook!

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