Getting The Most Out Of Your Next Trip To The Supermarket!

Getting The Most Out Of Your Next Trip To The Supermarket

I easily spend tons of money on a trip to my local supermarket at least once a week.  In these economic times, it is important to get the most out of your shopping trip while saving money and getting everything you and your family needs.  Click here for tips and tricks for getting the most out of your next trip to the supermarket that will make you and your wallet smile!

Black Friday Store Hours and Ads for 2012!

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Happy Tuesday!

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Website of the Week:

Oh, where have you been all my life? is such fun and easy way to save money at the supermarket.

Coupons offers free printable coupons for in-store and online use in your area. You can search pages of coupons by product or view all to see everything has to offer, by keying in your zip code.

This site is very user-friendly.  Simply go to the coupon gallery and select the coupons you’d like printed.  Once you are finish selecting your items, hit the print button.

If you are a first time coupon printer you will need to download the free printer software that goes with the site.  I understand that some people, including myself, get weary when it comes to downloading anything off the internet, but software is safe to use. I use and love it. Coupons is Better Business Bureau accredited business and the software is a TRUSTe trusted download.

Below is a better understanding about the easy to use printer software taken directly from the site:

“If it’s your first time printing coupons with us, you’ll need to take a short moment to install the Coupon Printer. This safe software enables your computer to build and print coupons that will be accepted at stores. Have no worries—we will never do anything to violate your privacy or send you anything without your permission. You don’t even have to give us your name or email address to install the Coupon Printer. The coupon printer is a TRUSTe trusted download, and is a Better Business Bureau accredited business. If you need assistance installing the Coupon Printer, please click here to read our troubleshooting instructions. If you ever want to remove the coupon printer, you will find uninstall instructions here.”


Below is a comment posted by Greg, Customer Support from Incorporated regarding a readers concern about where she can use her coupons :

Please rest assured that coupons powered by are valid manufacturer offers and that we are working hard with the retail community to address their concerns, and to satisfy you, our mutual customer. You can go to right now and authenticate a printed coupon.


We are working directly with all major retailers who have an official policy to accept printable coupons as long as they are not for free products and the coupons scan properly at the register. You can usually find a coupon acceptance policy on the retailer’s website. If that policy states the store accepts printed coupons, we recommend you take a printed copy of the policy on your next visit to the store.”

Recently, I have been finding it a little hard to get my hands on coupons in general, let alone good ones that I actually want.  With I can now pick and choose what coupons I need oppose to wasting paper on the coupons I don’t want.

My favorite part about the Coupons site is their “Local Coupons” sections.  By entering your zip code, narrows down all coupons available for print in your area. Some of these deals almost like a Groupon.  When I searched my hometown, there was a coupon available for a local restaurant offering a “$25 gift certificate for $10″ deal.  I love this site!

There is nothing wrong with trying to be a thrifty shopper and save money.  I pride myself on it.  Now with a sites like, Groupon, and Living Social, it’s so easy to be thrifty.

Have you used before or know someone who has?  Feel free to comment below on your thoughts!  All comments are welcome!

For more information on and what else the site has to offer, check out  Follow Coupons on Twitter  their Twitter icon below or going to @Coupons.

Happy Saturday!

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