Tips, Tricks & How To’s: Shopping and Eating Organic On A Budget

Shopping & Eating Organic On A Budget

My latest post “Shopping & Eating Organic On A Budget” is now up at A Lot On Your Plate!

Eating organic can be expensive depending on what you buy and where you shop.  In reality, with these economic times, it can be tough to shop exclusively organic, even when its best for your family.

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So Fresh and So Clean: Organic, All Natural, and Earth Friendly Bath and Body Products

So Fresh & So Clean: 

Organic, All Natural, and Earth Friendly Bath & Body Products

The word clean is defined as “To free from or rid yourself of dirt, stains, impurities, and unwanted matter”.  With that being said, aren’t all chemicals unwanted? It is so important to use products with you and your family’s health in mind.  There are tons of amazing products on the market to help you do so.

So Fresh & So Clean is a category on A Lot On Your Plate that features finds from the best organic, natural, and Earth friendly brands as well as products that have  you and your family in mind.

Organic, All Natural, and Earth Friendly Bath & Body Products:

The Honest Company’s Honest Bubble Bath; $11.95

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So Fresh and So Clean: 20 DIY Super Easy Room Makeovers!

As a new season approaches, I love beginning my own version of spring cleaning, really Fall cleaning, if you will. There are tons of ways to make a room over without spending a ton of money, so I took to and got together a list of inexpensive mini room makeover ideas and tips. I thought this would be helpful and inspiring for those who that don’t have the money and/or the time dedicated to updating a room.

With these easy tricks, you can have your space feeling updated and made over in no time! Check out the list for 20 super easy DIY tips to update and/or make over your space.

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