A Good Cause: Project Ladybug

A Good Cause: Project Ladybug is now up at ALotOnYourPlate.com!  For those of you unfamiliar with Project Ladybug, it is a non-profit organization founded by Dina Manzo of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Project Ladybug was created to raise the hopes of as many children dealing with a life threatening illness as she can.

This is a very sweet and selfless organization that has already brighten the lives of many children and families from all over.

To learn more click Project Ladybug. click here!

Great Gift Idea For Men: The Dollar Shave Club!

Great Gift Idea For Men: The Dollar Shave Club!

The holidays are quickly approaching and what better way to show the special men in your life how much you care by getting them a membership to one of the most affordable shaving clubs on the web!  For more information on the Dollar Shave Club and how these extremely budget friendly memberships work, click here!

Happy gift giving!

A “Beary” Fun Breakfast

A “Beary” Fun Breakfast!

Such a fun breakfast and perfect for the weekend!

If you haven’t already, check out this adorable recipe for A “Beary” Fun Breakfast!

If you try out this recipe and blog about it, be sure to link me to it! I would love to see how they come out :)

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