Submit Your Recipe For Ingredient of the Month: Onions!


Ingredient of the Month: Onions

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

Ingredient of the Month is a unique way to feature different local as well as worldwide ingredients and to invite A Lot on Your Plate reader’s from all over, to share their recipes based on the ingredient chosen each month.

The recipes shared by you guys will be added to the post that not only links you to recipes of my own featuring the ingredient of the month, but offers background history of the ingredient as well as fun facts, information, origin, how to store and select, and different uses for the ingredient.

To Enter Your Recipe: To enter your recipe so it can be added to the post, just follow the link and leave a comment at with a link to your recipe attached and I will be sure to feature your recipe in the post (with a picture provided from your post).  *Please note: I can only feature recipes that use the actual ingredient of the month in the recipe.

You will always have a chance to add your recipe to the any of the Ingredient of the Month post’s.  These post’s will never close and will continue to grow as long as recipes are entered!

Anyway, I just thought this was a fun way to spread the word of all the fabulous recipes out there on WordPress as well as all over the internet.

Check out this month’s ingredient: Onions!  


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12 thoughts on “Submit Your Recipe For Ingredient of the Month: Onions!

  1. Cripes, but I love onions! There’s a huge internal vegetable war raging these days; Spring Onions vs Onions. It’s a hellish domain of oniony violence.

    However, as an ingredient they are almost unmatchable.

  2. Working at a boarding school, I don’t cook much and experiment even less. With Christmas Break coming, I need some fresh recipes to try and I love onions! Bring it on! ~w

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