A Good Cause: Little Star Foundation

As you know, A Lot on Your Plate features good causes I hear about in the hopes of spreading the word to everyone in the WordPress community and other’s from all over, to raise awareness of such amazing causes incase some have never heard them for themselves.  Today’s good cause is so inspiring and is so very sweet.

The Little Star Foundation is a non-profit organization that benefits sick children.  Their mission is to improve the quality of life and provide long-term care for children with cancer and children that are in need.

The founder of the Little Star Foundation has such an amazing, inspiring story in which I would like to share with you.  The founder’s name is Andrea Jaeger.  Her name might sound familiar to you as she was a young pro tennis player who in which, on her sixteenth birthday, celebrated with a win at the French Open. Due to an unfortunate shoulder injury, her career ended early, but instead of being or feeling defeated, Andrea knew that this injury gave way to a calling much greater than tennis.

With unwavering faith, Andrea gave up her millions and began the Little Star Foundation.  This foundation helps sick children all over the world.  It’s purpose is heart-felt and touching.  With this statement below, I knew I wanted to help spread awareness of this heart warming cause.

“While disease may change their (the children) lives, the Foundation makes sure it doesn’t steal their laughter, love, or light.” –  Little Star Foundation

What sets asides the Little Star Foundation apart from other organizations is that it has proven to work wonders for children fighting this horrible disease.  It is not a “short-term fix”, but a long-term commitment.  The services offered by Little Star costs nothing for the families of the children.   There are no fees for transportation or the programs.

The Little Star Foundation’s goals and objectives are the following: Provide positive lifetime experiences and a safe haven for children with cancer and children in need. In doing so, we encourage the children to simply be themselves, to have fun, and provide opportunities to enhance their quality of life.

The Little Star Foundation’s objectives below, in which I have copied & pasted from LittleStars.org, are pretty wonderful:

http://www.littlestar.org/images/star2.jpg Provide much-needed financial, educational, medical and emotional support for participants.
http://www.littlestar.org/images/star2.jpg Help children acquire the physical and emotional capacity to endure the challenges of the present and future.
http://www.littlestar.org/images/star2.jpg Reveal to the participants the recuperative values of sharing experiences and caring for each other, and to help others who are experiencing similar ordeals.
http://www.littlestar.org/images/star2.jpg Allow children to be children.
http://www.littlestar.org/images/star2.jpg Serve as a year-round resource to the children, their families, health care professionals and caregivers worldwide.
http://www.littlestar.org/images/star2.jpg Inspire and educate the public to further develop opportunities for foundation participants.

Celebrities like Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Cindy Crawford, Andrea Agassi, Britney Spears, and Tony Hawk (just to name a few) all support the Little Star Foundation.

Click here to read a letter written and brought to you by Andrea Jaeger, herself.

I know that some of these causes are hard to read about, and for the very small few, it is easier to look away then know the real facts about diseases such as this.  Cancer is the #1 killer of children in the United States and every 3 to 5 minutes, a child is diagnosed with this horrible disease. With our help, whether it is by donations, spending time working with your community, or word of mouth, we too can help these foundations reach their goals and help others in need, no matter what the cause.

*I just wanted to add A Lot on Your Plate does not pressure or guilt anyone into donating their time and/or money to any foundation.  A Good Cause is simply to raise awareness about causes that even I have may not have heard of before.

For more information on the Little Star Foundation, check out Little Stars.org. 

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I hope that these wonderful causes inspire you, however they can.

Happy Wednesday and thanks for reading!

- J

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