The End of Summer: A Collection of A Lot on Your Plate’s “Best of Summer” Recipes, D.I.Y’s, and More!

As school quickly approaches and the hot weather begins to taper off, this can only mean one thing, sadly, Summer break is almost over.  In honor of the last weekend of Summer as thought of by most, I put together a collection of A Lot On Your Plate’s most popular Summer posts in the hopes of inspiring readers to make this weekend super fun, while affordable, and go out of Summer with a bang.

Below are some fun D.I.Y’s, fab finds, and recipes perfect for family fun, barbecues, or just some gold old fashion relaxation time. Enjoy!

The Best of Summer:

5 Minute Recipe’s: Twisted S’Mores; 10 Unique S’more Recipes

D.I.Y: Fruit Sliced Ice-Cubes


5 Minute Recipe: Super Easy Lemon Infused Caprese Salad


Fab Find: Powell & Mahoney Limited Vintage Cocktail Mixers

Fab Find: Spindrift Sodas & Waters

Recipe of the Week: Super Easy Individual Mini Pizzas


D.I.Y: Raspberry Ice-Cubes

Fab Finds: All Things Grilling

D.I.Y: Patriotic Marshmallows


No Cook Recipes: Orange & Pineapple Slices, Perfect for a Luau Themed BBQ!


Recipe of the Week: Mini Ranch & Triple Cheddar Turkey Taco Bowls

Below is a back to school related post, just in case you are interested ;)

Tips, Tricks, & How To’s: Getting Back Into the School Routine

(Also check out the Thrifty Finds: Back To School Edition)

I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that this weekend, A Lot On Your Plate finally surpassed 100″ Likes” on Facebook and I have you guys to thank!  It is extremely appreciated, so thank you so much :)  You can check out the Facebook page by clicking here: A Lot On Your Plate on Facebook!

For those of you with Twitter accounts, you can follow A Lot On Your Plate on Twitter for all the latest updates, recipes, D.I.Y’s, & more by clicking @alotonyourplate.

To everyone returning to or just starting school, have an awesome year!  Remember: Work hard now, so you can play later!

Have a great weekend everyone & happy Summer!

- J

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