Entertaining on a Budget: Elegant Baby Showers

Do It Yourself Ideas for Entertaining on a Budget

I know that parties on a budget (or anything for that matter) sounds like a hard thing to do, but in the grand scheme of things, doing anything on a budget doesn’t have to be hard.  As a matter of fact, it can be fun.   Instead of looking at the budget glass as half empty, budget’s should give you a chance to get creative with whatever it is you are trying to be thrifty with.  With that being said, that is how I came up with the newest entertaining category

With these fun and affordable D.I.Y’s I have found from awesome sources like Real Simple, HGTV, Country Living, and other awesome outlets, now entertaining on a budget just got easier than ever!

The Entertaining portion from A Lot On Your Plate was created in the hopes of inspiring wonderful D.I.Y ideas for your next event or occasion like bridal and wedding showers, dinner parties, birthday dinners, or whatever special something you need to plan.

D.I.Y: Elegant Baby Showers

This post is dedicated to Baby Showers.  Below is a collection of super fun, time friendly, creative Do It Yourself ideas that help transform a baby shower no matter how big or small, into an elegant event without spending too much money or time.  Enjoy!

Feature the menu as table decor (As seen on HGTV).  Even though there is a fixed menu, it’s such a nice idea to print out beautiful menus to leave in front of each guests place setting. It is sure to give the table that little something extra.  Base the card stock color on if it is a boy, girl, or unknown. Photo source: HGTV.com. Click here for the original article that goes along with the photo above.

Add some D.I.Y Glitter Candles to the table (As seen on MarthaStewart.com).  When I first saw these, I knew I had to try them at once! These adorable glitter candles bring a charm to any table as are so easy to make.  The candle sticks are sold everywhere and don’t cost much at all and neither does the glitter.  Again, change the colors based on the gender of the new baby.  Click here to see the instructions on how to creat your own affordable glitter candles.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms.  Enough Said.  Tissue paper pom-poms are always my favorite go to move when it comes to adorable decor for a great price.  These pom=pom kits are sold at Michaels, but since they are a Martha Stewart product, you can also find these on her site.  If you can do not have either sites available to you, click here to learn step by step, how to make your own inexpensive tissue paper pom-poms!

Candy Decor.  I thought this was so cute and very inexpensive.  When done right, candy decor can look very whimsical and can fit into any party theme. Source: RealSimple.com.

Gifts as the centerpieces.  Okay, I stand corrected, THIS is the easiest, most cost efficient baby shower decor you can get.  Now, this D.I.Y is a little tricky because you run the risk of the different wrapping papers clashing.  In this particular instance, if you are dedicated to this idea, maybe note on the invites what kind of  wrapping you would like the gifts to be presented in write a little note explaining why you are asking the guests to partake in this adorable centerpiece idea.  Again, the source is Real Simple.  Love it!

Have a tea theme.  This idea is not only affordable but, beautiful and soothing as well.  As seen in CountryLiving.com, a tea time related theme can be the perfect setting for a baby shower.

Shop Wholesale.  At koyalwhole.com, they are offering a bundle of baby shower decor that is not only adorable and elegant, but really gives you a bang for your buck.

Serve bite-sized foods.  This kind of falls into the tea time motif.  Finger sandwiches are dainty and affordable.  They give a sweet touch to the shower and they are definitely a crowd pleaser.  Check out one of my recent post’s “Fab Find: Mini Tasting Party” for info Pier1 Import’s collection of mini serve wear for featuring all mini food items. Photo from: Real Simple 

I hope these elegant baby shower idea’s help inspire anyone who will be throwing or attending a shower in the future.  Feel free to spread the word about ideas you have seen featured on A Lot on Your Plate and be sure to check back for more affordable, elegant, and easy Do It Yourself ideas for special occasions and events.

To everyone who has recently “Liked” A Lot On Your Plate on Facebook, it has not gone unnoticed! Thanks to you guys, I am only 2 likes away from getting 100!  Thank you all so very much :).

Happy Wednesday!

- J

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7 thoughts on “Entertaining on a Budget: Elegant Baby Showers

  1. Good afternoon! Thanks so much for stopping by the other day and for the “follow.” I heart tissue paper Pom poms too…they’re so pretty and delicate. I made a Pom Pom wreath last Valentine’s Day and loved how it turned out.
    The photos you included in your post are so pretty. I just wish I had a shower to plan!

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