Tips, Tricks, and How To’s: Getting Back Into The School Routine

Getting Back Into The School Routine:

The beginning of school is just around the corner! Below are some tips & tricks for getting you and your family back into the swing of things. This list should hopefully help make the transition from Summer Vacation to School, easy breezy.

Reading before bed. Whether its alone or with an adult, by offering reading time before bed, you are helping your children clear their mind from the day, as well as helping them spruce up on their reading.

Practice makes perfect.  Practice the new schedule.  A week or so before school begins, have your children and teens practice going to sleep and waking up early for school.  You wont believe the hassle this will save you on the first day.

Go a little bit easy on your children the first week or so back to school.  For some, jumping back into a routine is a piece of cake. For others, it might be a little tough to transition from fun in the sun all Summer long, to being in a classroom.

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day.  Start the day off right. Whether it’s a sit down breakfast or a gotta run situation, always have grab-and-go breakfast foods on deck.

Setup an Award System.  Get your kids excited to go back to school.  It does not have to be all work, no play, all the time.

Teach your family the value of education. I found this little tool, the “Big Pay-Off Chart” that offers statistics of the estimates of work-life earnings based on schooling.  To check it out, click: Cenus/Gov.

Establish Goals.  Find out what your child would hope to accomplish this year, whether it’s better grades in a specific subject, being in a play, or anything else that your child might want to aspire to do this school year.

Ask your child how they are feeling regarding the first day of school.  Maybe some children are feeling very anxious, while other’s are super excited.  Establishing how your child feels about the first day of school can help you better prepare for the first day.  This is a great time to talk to have a heart to heart with them.

Go through your kid’s closets to see what still fits and what has been outgrown.  You want to start the school year off right with the correctly fitting clothes.  While sifting through the clothes, create keep and toss piles, while making a list of items your child might need. Donate the clothes that do not fit anymore.

Have lunches ready the night before.  No sense putting off something tomorrow that you can do … tonight.  Have the lunch ready the night before.  This also works for your’s and the rest of the family’s lunches as well.

Get a meal plan together for the week.  It helps to have a game plan of what your week’s dinner menu looks like, that way if you are running behind schedule, you will have an idea about how much time you will need for dinner.

Get Organized.  Start the year off right by knowing exactly where all your family’s papers are.  Make folders for school trips, old test’s, and other things that you may need to later go back to. Label, label, label!

Keep extra supplies handy.  Have a small stock pile of pens, pencils, loose leaf, construction paper, glue, and other school supplies handy.  You never know when  your child might need it for homework or a project.

Calendars really do help. I approve this message. Calendars are great for writing jotting down long-term assignments that are due in the future, school plays, play dates, and everything in between.  Have the calendar somewhere where the whole family can see it and get a feel for everyone else’s schedule.

Decide where homework will be done a head of time.  Let your child or children know where they are expected to sit down to do their homework.

Lay out outfits the night before.  Again, something that it not just limited to back to school.  Have your family prepare their clothes the night before, so there are no surprises in the morning.

Have a bathroom schedule.  So everyone knows when how much time they have to get ready, set up a schedule that works for the family, to avoid any run-ins the morning.

Go in-to the school year with one last Summer hoo-rah.  Ask your kids to name one fun thing they would maybe like to do before the beginning of the school year and try to achieve it.  If what they would like to do can not be accommodated, plan something small, fun, and affordable for the family, like a family movie night or outing.

I hope these tips and tricks help inspire you and your family to do well this school year and be the best versions of themselves as well as yourself :)

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Happy School Year!

- J

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