Fab Find: The Design Fetish Store

I was browsing through Amazon when I saw a link for The Design Fetish Store. Founded by 27-year-old kushu, Design Fetish is a roundup of products that are so clever, so brilliant, unique, and affordable, that it is no wonder that this store is quickly become one of my Fab Finds.

The products offered at Design Fetish are perfect for giving as gifts and are sure to put a smile on someones face.  These unique, never seen before items are also great novelties for your own home.  Check out my finds found at The Design Fetish Store below!

Fred Cool Jewels Ice-Cube Trays; $7.00

Dots Cord Identifier; $5.99

Phone App Refrigerator Magnets; $4.96

FingerPickin’ Cocktails; $8.34

Happy Birthday Cake Pan Mold; $22.47

Cake-sicle Pan; $14.89

Fred & Friends 12 oz. Stacked Ceramic Mugs; $12.78

Split Rock Cereal Bowl; $13.50

Fred & Friends PiBoss Pizza Wheel; $12.50

Fred & Friends Cake Candelabra; $6.05

But, aside of being from having an awesome online store, kushu is also a blogger!  Design Fetish seconds as her blog. She features some of her most popular posts as well as some of her favorite bloggers and designers!  Click here to check out some of the most popular posts featured on Design Fetish.

Be sure to follow kushu on Twitter @Design_Fetish and check back for more awesome Fab Finds at A Lot On Your Plate!

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Happy Monday!

- J

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