There’s An App For That: Flower Garden

Okay Apple users, this ones for you!

I recently received a virtual iPad grown bouquet of flowers from the lovely, Artistmum.  It was her bouquet and thank you note email that introduced me to this adorable application.

Flower Garden is an application released by Snappy Touch for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad giving you the experience of an “on the go” garden right in the palm of your hands without actually getting messy.  This app offers a soothing, creative experience, to be enjoyed time and time again.

Flower Garden allows you to plant seeds, grow flowers, and watch them bloom.  Depending on the seeds you choose, some flowers bloom right away. Others need a little more attention and need to be monitored for just a few minuets a day, for a little over a week. Once the flowers have fully grown, you can cut and share them with your family and friends via email and/or Facebook.

For $1.99, you too can grow your own virtual flower garden.  The flowers you grow can be shared as friendly hello’s, thinking of you’s, and thank you’s.  You can also send flowers with personalized cards and backgrounds for holidays and birthdays.

You can visit the virtual Flower Shop; There, you can purchase fertilizer, seeds, pots, even a greenhouse. The Flower Shop has everything you need to start and maintain your own personal garden.

Your flower garden comes with the serene sights and sounds of a real garden.  The 3D flowers and bouquets react to touch. The cutest part about this app is when the ladybugs come out during the day and wonder around the plants that have bloomed buds.

There are achievements in Flower Garden hidden within the Game Center.  The achievements set goals for you to aim and accomplish. You receive a new badge every time you reach an achievement. The people you are friends with in the Game Center can also see your achievements.

You can re-arrange your flowers at random just by shaking your mobile device. The flowers also react to movement of your device as well.

Your garden is very forgiving and will not kill the plants if it goes unattended.

You can also earn Green Thumb Points. The Green Thumb Points are awarded when you grow rare and difficult flowers.  The more you grow, the more points you receive.  You can then redeem the points for any free item in the Flower Shop.

With over 10 million bouquets sent and counting, it’s no wonder that Flower Garden has become a top 5 application in over 15 countries.

Flower Garden is a fun app and available in the iTunes store.

For more info on Flower Garden and other applications released by Snappy Touch, check out and  Follow Snappy Touch on Twitter by clicking here and Like them and see snapshots on Facebook.

Happy Friday!

- J

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