How To: Vacation On A Budget

How To: Planning An Awesome Family Vacation On A Budget

It’s not too late to plan a Summer vacation.  There is also nothing wrong with being thrifty when planning it, especially if you’re getting most out of your money.  Here are some helpful tips to planning a fun-filled vacation without emptying your wallet!

Start Saving Now: It’s never to soon to start saving for a vacation, even if you don’t know when or where your going.

Research the Location: Once you have picked your destination (preferably one you can drive to yourself), research the area.  Check out the fun things and places in the area you will be staying, to get an idea of how much money you may be spending. Check out travel guides, online sites, and tour guides for additional information on your destination.

Compare Hotel Accommodations: Try to get the biggest bang for your buck.  You might even be able to find a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast! (I know Best Western offers it.)

Set A Budget: Set aside spending money for each family member. Estimate what you feel you will be spending on activities and events. Be sure to set aside money for gas as well if you are driving.

Bring Your Own Food:  Sometimes without even realizing, a fortune can be spent on going out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It’s definitely okay to treat the family and go out to eat, but is also okay to make your own meals to save some money.  When going out to eat, try to avoid chain restaurants and venture out to local restaurants in the area.

Keep Track Of Your Expenses:  Download a banking application on your phone to keep track of how much you have spent so far, that way you can keep an eye out on your budget. If you do not have a smart phone, try to have access to a computer so you can check out your bank’s online site.

The Most Important Tip Is To Take Advantage Of Every Second You Have With The People You Love While On This Vacation: Have fun, be safe, and take this time to just be with your family! Appreciate every moment you have with them on your trip.

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Happy Sunday!

- J

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5 thoughts on “How To: Vacation On A Budget

  1. Your last point is so true. You think about the hassle and money you spend, but forget about enjoying your family. Kids grow up so fast these days, its nice to enjoy their youthful spirit and innocent fun. It brings me back to my childhood when I just let myself go and have fun with my son. I will enjoy my vacation this year with my family wether I have $1 or $1000 in my pocket. Thanks Jess for the post.

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