There’s An App For That: iHeartRadio

Now, it is so easy to be on the go with your favorite artists and radio stations. The iHeartRadio app is a free digital application that allows you to find the best of live radio stations from all over.

With more than 1,000 radio stations, it’s easier than ever to get the best of stations available coast to coast.  You can even create your own live station just by choosing an artist, song, or genre. iHeartRadio will then customize a station featuring your choice and other artists similar to it.

The feature on this app that I love most (besides the personalized radio stations), is the you “like” button.  When you like a song, iHeartRadio will then try to play more music and artists just like the “liked” song, helping customizing your stations even better. If you truly like a song and wanted to own it on your device, you even get the opportunity to click and buy the song as it plays from either Amazon or iTunes.

There is also a feature called the Discovery Tuner. With this feature, you can “fine tune” the original station chosen and discover similar artists and stations from either the familiar, mixed, to unfamiliar stations, introducing you to all new stations, music, and artists that you may never heard of before.

With over 14 million free songs to listen to, this app is perfect for traveling, a walk and/or a run, the gym, as well as where ever else you decide to go!

This app is available for Android, Apple, Xbox, Google TV, Kindle Fire and so many other wireless devices and units.

You can even listen to iHeartRadio on their site by going to and pressing play!

iHeartRadio is a very popular app with over 10 million downloads and continuing.  This app is currently free and is extremely easy to use.

To find out more about iHeartRadio and all the musical goodness it has to offer, check out, Google Play, and iTunes.

Be sure to follow iHeartRadio on Twitter for news, updates, and event announcements.

Check back for more apps like this one and others, here at A Lot On Your Plate.

Happy Wednesday!

- J

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9 thoughts on “There’s An App For That: iHeartRadio

  1. I most admit this app thing really blows me away. When I first started working in radio there wasn’t even tapes. Radio programs came in on enormous discs that played for 30 minutes. Billy Graham’s radio show was the first to convert to tape. It was exciting times. Virginia

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