Fab Finds: All Things Grilling

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year … grilling season!  Check out these fab finds below for all things grilling! 

S’More to Love BBQ S’more Maker Toppers & Basket; Chef Central; $14.95 (Holds 6)

S’More to Love BBQ S’more Maker ; ShopRite; $9.99 (Holds 4)

 Cuisinart 3 Piece Grilling Set with Grill Glove; Bed, Bath, & Beyond; $24.95

 Martha Stewart Collection Meat Thermometer; Macy’s; $9.99

Ultimate Grill Rack; Gifts.com & Amazon; $23.30

Bacon BBQ Chef Salt; Crate and Barrel; $4.95

Vacuum Sealed Meat Marinater; Sharper Image; $39.99

 Smoke Flavor Wood Chips Sampler; Crate and Barrel ; $12.95

Single Hamburger Patty Press; Brookstone; $19.99

Weber Grilling Mitt; Weber.com; $8.99

Grill Dozer Spring BBQ Spring Cleaning Tool Kit; BBQGuys.com; $25.95

Be sure to check back for more fab finds from A Lot On Your Plate.

Happy Grilling!

- J

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18 thoughts on “Fab Finds: All Things Grilling

  1. I join the rank. It’s the s’mores maker that looks interesting. This would be excellent for a large group – presto you have dessert. Meanwhile, with just a few of us around the fire we will continue doing it the classic? goey, old fashioned way. Virginia

  2. The s’mores maker of course! But the marinater looks pretty cool – I’m sort of a last minute cook most of the time so having one of those would be a real plus for me!

  3. I saw a thing kind of like the S’more maker the other day that was for shish-kabobs so that all the vegetables don’t fall off the skewers and into the grill. I thought it was such a great idea.

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