Fab Find: Spindrift’s Sodas and Waters

Today’s Fab Find is awesome for so many reasons. Spindrift sodas and waters are beverages made with fresh squeezed juice and fruit purees.

Inspired by a “No Soda In The House” rule growing up, the creator of this amazing product set out on a mission to create a natural, non-artificial, no sugar added, beverage, thats a healthy beverage choice, but tastes delicious.

With flavors like Sparkling Lemonade, Sparkling Blackberry, and Sparkling Half & Half, you can see why Spindrift’s sodas and waters are a fab find.

However, those awesome flavors are not the only reason to love this product.

Spindrift supports non-profit organizations that work towards preserving water resources both globally and locally.

They are also participants in the 1% for the Planet, a cause exists that builds and supports alliances of businesses that are financially committed to creating a healthy planet.

As a fellow go greener, I absolutely love this.

Besides healping the enviorment, because the sodas and waters contain juice fibers, they are good for you body.

I have seen single bottles advertised at $2.50 a 12 oz. (price mary vary depending on location), but that is in store only.  A case of 24 runs about $60 and a case of 12 goes for $32.  Ordering in bulk is good if Spindrift is hard to find in your area, like it is in mine.  To check out the online store click here!

(Spindrift is a proud member of 1% for the Planet.)

This is such a great idea and supports such a great cause, so I am all for Spindrift and its products.  What about you? Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below!

To learn more about Spindrift and its products head to SpindriftFresh.com.  Follow them on Twitter @SpindriftFresh for updates and more!

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Tuesday!

- J

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9 thoughts on “Fab Find: Spindrift’s Sodas and Waters

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