5 Minute Recipe: Twisted S’mores (10 Unique S’more Recipes)

UPDATE: This page has moved! To check out A Lot On Your Plate’s 10 Twisted S’mores, click here!

Traditional S’mores meet S’more’ with a Twist in today’s 5 Minute Recipe: Twisted S’mores!

As a huge fan of the s’more, I understand 2 things; 1. That a campfire and/or grill, is not always available.  2. To limit s’more’s as just a Summer snack would be completely unfair to the other seasons.  To make s’mores year round, I use the next best thing, a microwave. (toaster oven works great too!)

Happy S’moring!

- J

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77 thoughts on “5 Minute Recipe: Twisted S’mores (10 Unique S’more Recipes)

  1. My Girl Scout Troop has a lot of vegetarians in it, and has had to suffer through a lot of campouts during a burn ban (no campfires), so I came up with Burn Ban S’Mores (which happen to be vegetarian!) – simply substitute marshmallow Fluff for the marshmallow. You can dip your graham crackers and chocolate in it, or smear it on a cracker. The girls liked them either way. :)

  2. All of those sound so good! I have never experimented with different flavours, but I must try the nutella and banana. It has fruit in it, so it might be healthy enough to have for breakfast! ;)

    • AWW! not at all! a graham cracker is unbleached wheat and graham flour, baked biscuit. i forget some people cant get everything that we can here in America. I actually am grateful for your comment thank you :) do you have something liek that where you live?

  3. Love love love your Twisted S’more ideas:-) I agree that s’mores aren’t just for campfires. Appreciate you stopping by foodforfun’s Guatemalan posts–thanks!

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  5. What great ideas! Feeling fall in the air makes me want to make everything here! I’ve always loved a good campfire smore, but there is something fun about watching your marshmallows puff up in the microwave :) Thank you for liking my Dr.Seuss cake blog, I genuinely appreciate your support :) Please visit http://www.creativeEyeKandi.com for more cake pictures and other art. thank you again!

  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am in love with the orange chocolate smore! I am so going to have to try that. I am also thinking it would be good with chocolate covered orange peel. One of my favorite chocolates. I am also soooo going to try the cherry one. Have you thought about usuing a turtle (choc, pecans, carmel)???

    I haven’t tried the micro. I have however done this in the broiler. The marshmallows get nice and toasty.

  7. Love your ideas on twisted ‘smores. I recently had a small ‘smore party with friends and offered some different ingredients than the traditional. My fav combo was cinnamon graham crackers with sea salted dark chocolate and of course marshmallow. Very Yummy!

  8. I think this is a great tip. I have a friend that LOVES S/mores and I have suggested this to her for years, but she won’t do it. She says it just isn’t the same. I think she is just missing out!

    Thanks for stopping by Not Dabbling in Normal last week and reading my post about Family Time. Emily

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