A Good Cause: Birthday Fairies

“A cupcake can’t change someone’s life … But people who care can! –  Birthday Fairies

(update: The Birthday Fairies have now thrown 18 parties)

I was so moved when I heard about Birthday Fairies and wanted to share such this amazing cause.  This Good Cause comes to us from 12-year-old Anna.  Anna had a dream and created Birthday Fairies, a charity that throws birthdays for children in need.

With the help of her teacher Debbie and The Community Action Club, Anna formed her Birthday Fairies Club in her school and began to fulfill her dream of throwing birthday parties for underprivileged children in shelters.

Anna and The Birthday Fairies have already thrown 15 parties! Their goal is to throw as many parties as they can.

BirthdayFairies.org has pictures of past birthday parties thrown, tips on how you and your family can get involved, and a checklist with what you would need to start your own Birthday Fairie Club.  Donations are also accepted through the site as well.

For more information on the amazing Birthday Fairies, check out BirthdayFairies.org. 

Happy Monday!

- J

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14 thoughts on “A Good Cause: Birthday Fairies

  1. This is so beautiful. I hope many more things like this occur. Im actually in the process of starting something similar in Miami.

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