A Lot On Your Plate’s First Ever (Use What You’ve Got!) Bake Off

(I know the picture above has nothing to do with a bake-off, but i thought it was cute!)

Okay, so, there are TONS of extremely talented bakers, chef’s, and cooks (beginners & pros), here on WordPress and you all deserve to be recognized!

A Lot On Your Plate is hosting its first ever “Use what you’ve got” bake-off!

Here’s how it works: I will announce the category via post. Simply, leave a comment below with a link to one of your recipe’s that you have chosen to enter into the bake-off.  The recipes entered will be judged on simplicity (prep time, active time, ingredients, etc…) and the photo of the finished product, itself.  The recipe will NOT be based on the quality of the photo.  (1) winner will be chosen, but all will be recognized.  The winning recipe will be posted in its entirety, photos, links and all, and baker will be notified and will receive a prize hand-picked by your’s truly.  All bloggers that submit a recipe will be acknowledged in the winner’s post with a link to their recipe entered, minus the photos and the prize.

The beauty of this bake-off is that it’s “use what you’ve got”.  I realize that people live busy lives and might not have the time to bake a new recipe from scratch for a bake-off, so you can use one of your old posts to enter (or a brand new one if you feel up to it and have the time).

To enter: Leave a comment below with a link to one of your posted in the past (or present).  The recipe MUST be your own and not a re-blog.

The contest will run for 2 weeks.  Again, the recipes will be judged on the simplicity of the recipe and the photo of the finished product supplied, NOT the quality of the photo, itself.

Be sure to have fun with this, you have nothing to lose, just acknowledgment to gain!

*This month’s bake-off category coming soon, so be sure to check back!

Happy Baking!

- J

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33 thoughts on “A Lot On Your Plate’s First Ever (Use What You’ve Got!) Bake Off

  1. Love this and love your blog!! I have lots of family favorite recipes that have been in my family for years, so this will be a fun chance to whip some of them up!

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  5. I love this idea because this is EXACTLY what my blog is all about–using what is in your kitchen to create meals. Not sure any qualify for a bake-off (I don’t really bake), but I will keep watch to see what you do in the future.

      • Pretty much anything EXCEPT baking! haha My sister was the baker in the house and I always made the salad. When we grew up, we realized she often forgot to have a salad with a meal and I ALWAYS forget the bread. (In fact, there is rarely bread in my house) Of course, I’m not sure a “roast off” has the same cache as a “bake off”. “Salad off”? Not so much. Maybe just a plain ole cookoff from time to time and pick entrees or desserts or other categories, then people who don’t bake and people who do can all be part of it. Two cents! Take it for what it’s worth! :)

      • haha aww you sound like me and my sister. I do plan on having cook-offs as well once my .com domain goes up. i was thinking of salads, you read my mind !!! ill keep you posted!!! :)

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  7. Hi Jess. I love the opposing imagery of the name of your blog and your actual content. But more so do I love the idea of this bake-off. Unfortunately, our paths have crossed a bit too late for me to enter this time, but I look forward to the next announcement. You have great charisma, I can see.

    • thank you so much for the wonderful comment :) when I read things like that, it definitely makes what im doing worth it :) yes, please do look for the next announcement, id love for you to join in!

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  10. First of all, I love your blog! We both have similar focuses- when I saw you talk about making sweets that look like they take forever but are really easy (glorified simplicity), that’s exactly what my blog is about! I love checking out your posts to get inspiration.

    This was actually one of my very first blog posts -the Blueberry and Kahluaaah Cupcake. These were the result of a happy kitchen accident and they really turned out fabulous!


    Hope you like them :)


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