Fab Find: Martha Stewart Home Office w/ Avery Chalk Board Labels

I could have easily bought everything in Staples the day I found this item, but i had to restrain myself. Today’s Fab Find comes to us from Martha Stewart and Avery.

These 2 brands teamed up together like something out of The Avengers and came out with a home office line.  The line has so many Fab Find worthy products, but I found one item that was so cool that I had to share.

Introducing, The Martha Stewart w/ Avery’s Chalk Board Labels. The labels are such a fun way to jazz up some of your containers, drawers, and organizers. This is such a unique way of labeling!

(Chalk Board Labels, $4.99; Chalk, $2.99) Chalk is erasable *not permanent*, labels are reusable, but should not be removed and placed on another item more than once.


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Thanks for reading :)

- Jessica

- J

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36 thoughts on “Fab Find: Martha Stewart Home Office w/ Avery Chalk Board Labels

  1. Oh, gosh! What a fabulous idea! I must invest in some of these to put on my jars! I was wondering how I could label them in a classy way!
    THANK YOU J for finding such a wonderful item :)

  2. Love this! We really enjoy your site, just our cup of tea! 8-) We are happy to inform you that we have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award. To see the next step visit our blog. Enjoy!

  3. What an awesome idea! What a way to create more options with these types of labels vs having to be restricted to specific (and expensive) glass containers with chalk labels.

  4. Staples in indeed awesome! I love the premise of your site. Fun stuff. Thanks for checking out foodforfun’s bacon chocolate cupcakes:-)

  5. Wow, chalkboard labels?! I’m obsessed with this idea! I have a pink bowl that has a chalkboard rim that I labeled “produce”….Love it! So cute! I am running to buy these.

  6. Thanks for following my blog! I really liked the idea of chalkboard labels, especially because of the erasability. I just moved into a new apartment and am super into looking for cool design ideas. I’ll definitely be keeping an idea on your blog for more ideas

  7. this is great! thanks for following my blog. i look forward to keeping an eye on yours as well – cute name! :) i appreciate the wordpress community for being so supportive of each other — it’s so nice.

  8. This is very cool and I like that its very classy and not even expensive. Very artsy, I like this alot. I think having the jars of sugar and other ingredients on the counter is a great look. Then put the black stickers and label the jars. Even when labeling them, You can use your own style of writing and it even makes it more fun and unique. I think it will even be good for tall glasses shape containers with sugar, It will make the tall glasses containers on the counter look very unique and classy.

  9. love this new line. my favorites are the vertical file folders, just perfect for stashing recipes, menus, and other things i like to have in the kitchen without taking up too much counter space…

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