DIY: Sliced Fruit Ice-Cubes

Fruit Sliced Ice Cubes

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103 thoughts on “DIY: Sliced Fruit Ice-Cubes

  1. You know, I’ve seen fruit ice cubes in restaurants and didn’t realize it was just that easy. I’m going to empty out my ice cube tray and give it a try. Thanks for the tip on boiling your water first.

  2. Love it! What a simple way to add a little “oomph” to drinks, I ought to get myself some ice cube trays soon. And thank you for the boiled water tip :)

  3. Love this idea! As it warms up in Denver, I’ll definitely give these ice cube cuties a try. Thanks for visiting my blog, too. :)

  4. Fun idea for the summer :) I also didn’t know about the boiling water trick. Have you seen the ice stirrers? Your post reminded me of them, and they’re also very cute!

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  6. I have a ton of strawberries in my fridge at the minute and have a recipe for watermelon/lime juice. I am totally going to freeze some strawberries tomorrow to add to it.

  7. This is awesome idea … I’ve experimented with making frozen flower bowls for desserts but never thought of such awesome fruit ice cubes for cocktail drinks …. thanks for sharing ..shall give it a go at my next party hosting ;-)

    • ive seen the frozen flowers before but i never knew what to use them for, so thats very cool, thank you for telling me. how do you make a frozen flower bowl?? id love to learn! thanks for the comment!

  8. Great idea! I am always frustrated when I don’t have any fresh lemon for tea. This will fix that problem! I’ll use these in my Sweet Southern Tea. :). Thanks for the share!

  9. I love doing this. I like to actually squeeze lemon juice into the ice cubes. It might makes the cubes a bit cloudier, but it sure does add nice flavor to your water, iced tea, etc!!

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