There’s An App For That: Epicurious (Recipes & Grocery List)


This weeks app is for all who love to cook.  Whether your a chef, baker, someone whos interested in taking up cooking, working moms and dads who need a quick meal idea, and/or other, Epicurious (recipes & grocery list) has got you covered.

The Epicurious app is based on the award winning website.  With over 25,000 and counting, Epicurious covers recipes on all skill levels ranging anywhere from “I cook like a pro” to “I can barely cook”.

There are many recipe catagories to choose from like Mother’s Day Ideas, Bridal Showers, Holidays, Healthy Snacks, and much more.

My favorite part of this app is the plus sign feature.  When you find a recipe you like, tap the plus sign and the recipe automatically saves, while adding the ingredients you’d need for the recipe, to your grocery list in the app, available in the lower right of your screen.


The Epicurious (recipe & grocery list) app is perfect for last minute recipes, planned parties, dinner guests, or just for browsing if you’d like to plan a meal for the future.

I love to cook so i really appriciate this app, as well as the website.

Do you see yourself trying this app or any of Epicurious’ recipes on the future?

All comments welcomed!

Happy Tuesday!

- J

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5 thoughts on “There’s An App For That: Epicurious (Recipes & Grocery List)

  1. It sounds like a great app! I go to their website every so often–I’m sure the app would make it more convenient to search their recipes!

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